Your House is Mine Newspaper

Image of Your House is Mine Newspaper


Unsigned copy of Your House is Mine Newspaper. Stamped 1992. Signed copies available for $100 by emailing

"Your House is Mine" newspaper of book and street project of the samename, published by Bullet Space 1988-1992
Artists: david wojnarowicz, anton van dalen, john fekner, nadia
coen, matrtin wong, lady pink, david hammons,
lee quinones. james romberger /marguerite van cook, juan sanchez. eric
drooker, chris burden, pedro pietri, miquel algarin, miquel pinero,
andrew castrucci, krzystof wodiczko, bimbo rivas, adam purple, daze,
cookie mueller, allen ginsberg, hettie jones, missing foundation, paul
castrucci, stash two and others. Books in collection of MOMA,
Whitney, State Musuem of Berlin... (on the cover of art forum oct.1991)